Intelligent, easy and free accounts payable software. Pay & get paid with Melio B2B payment solutions.

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Show off why customers love your business with video testimonials.

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Get lifetime access to a premium no-code mobile app builder for a one-time fee of $59.99.

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Looking for one platform that’s packed with all the tools you need to build an engaged online community right from your own domain? Start your own online community for a one time price of $69.99 for a limited time.

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Let AI power your marketing efforts with these free copywriting tools. Tell us what you want and our AI will create the marketing copy for you. It's that simple.

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Newest Tools

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Adrenaline is a debugging assistant powered by the OpenAI Codex. It can fix and explain your broken code in seconds.

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Create SEO-optimized content for your blog, website & more 10x faster. Unlimited content generation for $16/month.

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Open source licensed fonts that are free to use and modify.

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Short, sweet, and catchy curated .com brand names with a bit of flavor.

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Infinite Scroll is a JavaScript plugin that automatically adds the next page, saving users from a full page load.

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Browser Automation. Quickly, without code.

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A free font based on the historical eye charts and optotypes used by opticians world wide.

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ApexCharts is a modern charting library that helps developers to create beautiful and interactive visualizations for web pages.

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Surf's Favorite Tools

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Automate the monetization of your newsletter.

  • Make extra money from your newsletter
  • Optimized and personalized ads
  • Set your own price and availability
  • Paved handles all invoices, I/Os reporting, and payouts
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Turn Your Startup Idea Into Reality Without Coding!

  • Create apps with no code
  • Apps can be lauched on any app store
  • Intuitive visual app builder
  • Create unlimited apps for free
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Add eCommerce functionality and start selling on your Wordpress, web-app, or even static site! Completely free for up to 10 products.

  • Free for up to 10 products
  • Easily integrates with many platforms
  • Accept most payment methods
  • Complete eCommerce solution
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Intelligent, easy and free accounts payable software. Pay & get paid with Melio B2B payment solutions.

  • Simple payment platform to pay invoices or get paid
  • Accept all credit cards
  • Pay every business expense and invoice online
  • Supports international payment
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A roundup of free graphic kits, icon packs, fonts, graphics, and illustrations to help improve your work

Freebies by SaaS Surf is the a great foundation to find free design resources to incorporate into any of your design systems. Help set the tone for your brand, tell a story, and makes users feel comfortable with your project. If you’re looking to add some new visuals to your next project then this roundup will be a great place to start!

Free resources are curated by designers and developers who want to help improve other people's work. They're high quality, professional and free for personal or commercial use in any design system (website, app or physical product). Resources are grouped by category so you can quickly find what you need.

What exactly is a lifetime SaaS deal?

A lifetime SaaS deal is an offer from a company that gives you access to their product at a steep discount for life.

Typically, these deals are for products that could potentially cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year and last for years or decades. The idea behind them is that they're supposed to save you money in the long run by helping you avoid paying monthly prices over time.

A lot of people think they're too good to be true because they're so cheap! However, there are also a lot of benefits you can get from using these products. You can read more and go in-depth in our curated collection of lifetime deals where we've compiled a list of great deals for you to take advantage of.

March Featured Tools


AtomPay is a platform that enables freelancers, side-hustlers, solopreneurs, and content creators to easily accept & process payments from their audience, community and social media.



Publii is a desktop-based CMS for Windows, Mac and Linux that makes creating static websites fast and hassle-free, even for beginners.


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